What’s it all about? Why are you on this Internet thingy anyway?

I was reading a recent article from Thomas Petty (a WSI colleague from California) that crystalised a few things in my mind about my pitch to prospective clients.

Ultimately, the end result that we WSI are seeking for our clients, is that they get more business and their bottom line gets bigger.

This is achieved through high quality content that speaks to your target prospect on a one to one basis explaining how you can solve their problems.

This needs to be repeated in different ways with different words as not all people will express their problems in the way that you do. So talk to real people and take note of how they express their problem to you – the words they use.

If these are different to how you would Continue reading

Google “Not Provided” how this impacts SEO and Website Conversion

In the last few months Google has accelerated the hiding of “search keyword” data to websites making it harder to optimise for site engagement, conversion and measure brand performance and Search Optimisation performance.

Background on Google "not provided"
Normally when someone visits your site via a search engine, the "search keyword or phrase" used to start that search is provided to the destination website.  Around 18 months ago, Google chose to withhold this information, when the search was carried out on a secure Google page.

In practice this had limited impact, affecting users logged into their Google account, where the Search page was offered as a secure HTTPS page. In the early Continue reading

Improve your Google Ad Campaigns with Adwords Ad Extensions

Adwords ad extensions can raise your click through rate and quality score

Ad extensions are a feature of Google text ads that are available at no extra cost to anyone advertising via Google Adwords. They extend the amount of information available from each ad, above the usual three lines of text. Using them effectively helps increase the number of people clicking on your ad and visiting your website. Google Adwords estimates that using ad extensions can raise click through rate (CTR) between 5 and 30%. Getting that many extra visitors to your website is worth a small investment of time in setting them up. CTR is highly associated with quality score (see this recent post by Larry Kim). Quality score affects the amount you pay per click. Continue reading

Is Google giving you the best search results?

My colleagues and I here in WSI have an occasional discussion on this subject, and now and again we set our default search engines to use Bing instead “for a break”.

Google makes a point of providing you with a personalised search experience which is why it wants you to log into your account. As well as “serving your needs” it also captures details of what you are looking at on the web in order to be able to;

  • Target adverts to you based upon where you have previously surfed. Paid ads are Google’s cash register and you are going to get to see them even when it is irritating!
  • Provide a unique list of organic search results based upon your past browsing history.

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So why should your website be ranked No 1 by Google (in a Penguin 2.0 world)?

This is the first question I ask any prospective SEO client and some of the answers I receive include:

  • A penguinBecause I have spent a shed load of money with my current SEO company
  • Our website is 10 times better than the current No 1’s
  • We’ve added the keywords to every page on our website
  • The No1 is a distributor of mine!
  • The No1 breaks everyone of Google’s guidelines
  • I pay Google lots each month for Pay Per Click
  • That’s what I’m proposing to pay you to achieve? 

These are all frustrations Continue reading